A ‘Lucy’ by Any Other Name: TV Characters and Shows with the Same First Name

Once in a while, a TV actor will come along and will suddenly find their name burned on the minds of the show watching public. Sometimes this is a good thing, but sometimes it means that we no longer can see them as anyone but themselves. Here’s a looks at some of television’s most memorable names, and the list of shows they brought their name to. Continue reading

To Binge Watch, or To Not Binge Watch


I just read an interesting article from HuffPo regarding Orange is the New Black, and whether or not Netflix should release the episodes one week at a time, instead of all at once. That got me thinking about my viewing habits, especially in regards to shows like House of Cards and OITNB. Since they are released all at once, any viewer can decide to watch as many episodes that they want in one sitting.

On my latest recap, I stated that I had chosen to watch OITNB over the course of a few weeks, though I wasn’t sure of my decision. After many grueling hours (and tubs of red velvet ice cream), I decided that waiting would be best. That’s what works for me, but others might feel I’m wrong, which is okay. Here are three reasons on why it’s okay to do either. Continue reading

Devious Maids Recap: Night, Mother


Oh, how I love my guilty pleasures! Devious Maids may never be an Emmy contender, but it always delivers solid entertainment that keeps me coming back for more. Sunday’s episode, “Night, Mother,” was a definite highlight for me, since it answered some questions while raising a few others. It also brought a character back to their own devious ways. Of course, given that this is a soap opera, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Marry Me Now

Nicholas (Mark Deklin) survived Opal’s (Joanna P. Adler) attempt to run him over, but he still might not survive surgery. So, he decides to ask Marisol (Ana Ortiz) to marry him right then and there in the hospital. She still has some burning questions about his past, but says yes, cause hey, who can say no to someone lying there in a hospital bed? Opal, in the meantime, is having some problems of her own. Ethan (Colin Woodell) is tired of covering for her, and asks that she leave the house. She obliges, but only because she loves him (though I’d still watch my back if I were Ethan.) Continue reading

Orange is the New Black, Season 2


Okay, so I realize that doing a recap of a show that is meant for binge watching is a little tricky. Some people may have watched all the episodes by now (even though the second season barely premiered yesterday), while others may wish to savor the show a few episodes at a time. I’m with the latter group, since it’s really hard for me to wait so long in between seasons for new episodes. I made that mistake with Orange is the New Black’s first season, and I vowed not to do it again this time around. But now I am wondering if I made the right choice.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Don’t read if you haven’t watched the first couple of episodes of the new season. Continue reading

The Return of Whatever’s On TV!

I started this blog in late December 2009 as a way for me to bring my love of T.V. to the world. Now it has expanded to include my love of all things celebrities and pop culture. I wouldn’t exactly call this a T.V. News site, more of a commentary on the different articles and such I find through the vast universe.

A couple of years ago as Whatever’s On was finally growing into something that I could have only dreamed of, certain events in my life caused me to stop maintaining this site. I still wrote for other outlets, however my own personal blog suffered. I’m not sorry it happened; life generally does happen. But the dream still lingered in the back of my mind.

So, that is why I have decided to start up Whatever’s On once again. I have a lot say, and figured this is the best way to do it.

So basically, I’m just a guy with a big mouth and too much time on his hands.

‘Glee’ recap and review: ‘Props’ and ‘Nationals’


This week Gleeks were treated to a two hour feast on “Glee,” with an episode that combined the much hyped body switching episode “Props” with “Nationals.” The resulting event was a treat for the ears, and finally gave the way underused Jenna Ushkowitz a chance in the spotlight. Now, since so much happened, it would be difficult to reach it all, so I’ll just focus on what I liked and did not like in the episode.

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